How Indigenous Economic Development Committees and Corporations Can Pave a New Road Together


Alden Eakins  

Mallory Dunlop ⋅ Brenden Adamo ⋅ Zoey Lin ⋅ Diana Westwood

Indigenous Governments across Canada are well-positioned to contribute to economic and natural resource development in a sustainable fashion, with or without traditional corporate actors partnering with them. As ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) trends begin to become more widely accepted and adopted by pension funds, institutions, and governments, Indigenous actors will play a key role in the future of business in Canada and around the globe. As such, this research project will investigate the political risks associated with joint venture partnerships, while concurrently making suggestions regarding how to leverage practical ESG frameworks to advance economic and resource development in Canada so that both "purpose" and "profit" are aligned.

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