Despite its dismantling of previous corrupt government regimes and recent political elections, Niger consistently ranks lowest on the HDI Index at 186 and remains stricken with poverty. While the current government can be deemed democratic and the country is en route to a stable election in 2016, the state lacks the capacity to effectively administer solutions to the numerous problems plaguing the country. Despite having no serious internal conflicts, Niger’s geographic location places it at the centre of several at-risk states. At best, Niger’s borders are porous, at worst, non-existent. Conflicts stemming from Mali, Libya, and Nigeria bleed over, sending displaced refugees into the state. Numerous militant groups easily cross into Niger, posing high risk to the Uranium mining operations occurring. The reports below summarize the crux of the major issues that Niger faces. To suggest there are any easy solutions would be naïve and unfounded. 

Niger Country Profile 2013/2014